Steam room design

Colour changing light therapy goes hand in hand with steam room design as it helps creating that extra relaxing mood.
There are several options to weight up in terms of lighting as several colour changing light systems are available in the market, the nature of every project will however help identifying the best system according to the specific design situation one is dealing with for the installation of the steam room.

Steam room design is finding its way more and more within the domestic environment as people appreciate the healthy benefits of a turkish bath or steam shower ever more.

Even though the concept of the steam room or turkish bath is as simple as being just a room filled with steam, the deep expertise required to design and realise a steam room in a modern setting is an enviable asset as it is quite rare within the realms of interior or bathroom designers. H2O London have that technical expertise and the number of enquiries coming from several architectural firms, designers and builders proves the scarceness of such knowledge.

As in every design discipline, steam shower design has its own secrets to discover with experience, and specific aspects to take care of, in a nutshell these would be things a designer, architect or specifier would only know after having experienced the whole process of designing, supplying and installing a steam room (or at least being present during installation).
Furthermore, every different nature of walls and floors would require a different treatment and therefore a different knowledge, even the most experienced steam room "creators" would not need being complacent with their own know-how and keep researching when faced with a new set of circumstances and challenges.
H2O London feeds on new challenges.
Steam room design, however, becomes even more complicated when the setting has to be integrated with a shower or a bathroom as functions interface with each other often requiring a deeper investigation of ergonomics together with various other technicalities due to fittings and parts.

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